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Selling Medicare Products

Essential Care is a full-service insurance General Agency that works with independent insurance agents. Our agency provides agents with access to all major carriers for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Part D Rx plans. A Medicare insurance agent should assist seniors in understanding the differences between plans so that they can make the best decision. Read More

Free Medicare Leads

Essential Care Insurance Agency provides a free Medicare Lead program to agents who have a contract with us. There is no minimum production requirement for this reimbursement package to begin. You purchase leads from any vendor and are reimbursed 100% of the cost of the leads. You receive all new and renewal commissions in full Read More

Online Medicare Enrollment

To boost productivity and overall sales, the Essential Care Insurance Agency provides agents with a robust Connect4Medicare online enrollment platform with customizable features. With online enrollment for the majority of Medicare carriers, agents can save time and avoid face-to-face encounters. Agents should sign up with Essential Care as their up-line, and we’ll send you a Read More

Free Licensing Program

The Essential Care Insurance Agency offers a Free Licensing Program with a reimbursement package for newly licensed agents. This reimbursement package is for new agents who have a state-issued health insurance license. Many of the licensing processes include money obligations, which can total up to $500 if all of them are completed. The Essential Care Read More

Selling Medicare Plans: A Beginner’s Guide

Seniors are the fastest-growing demographic in America today. This group contains a high number of people who require additional Medicare coverage beyond their standard plans. That’s why selling Medicare products, such as Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Part D Rx plans, as an independent agent is currently a viable option. Here’s your step-by-step guide Read More

Increase Your Medicare Sales with Exclusive Tele-sales Leads

Approximately 97 percent of Americans aged 65 and up own a cellphone. Thus, when targeting the older demographic, Medicare tele sales can be an effective strategy for converting more leads to sales. Agents who are contracted with Essential Care have access to tele-sales call back leads for $10 each. Prospects who answered four standard questions, Read More