Free Medicare Leads

Essential Care Insurance Agency provides a free Medicare Lead program to agents who have a contract with us. There is no minimum production requirement for this reimbursement package to begin. You purchase leads from any vendor and are reimbursed 100% of the cost of the leads. You receive all new and renewal commissions in full and without reduction directly from the carrier.

If you have signed a contract with the Medicare carriers through Essential Care and want to participate in the Free Medicare Leads Program, please give us a completed lead program agreement as well as your lead purchase receipt for reimbursement. Contracts can be forwarded to once they’ve been completed.

Download Essential Care Free Medicare Leads Agreement

Free Medicare Leads Program Participation Requirements:

The program reimburses 100% of lead costs.

    • Lead reimbursement cannot exceed $500 per agent per month
    •  All receipts can be faxed to (917) 933-9926 or emailed to
    •  You must have a contract with the Essential Care Insurance Agency to be eligible for this program and receive lead reimbursement. NO EXCEPTIONS
    •  Release requests will not be honored until six (6) months after an agent’s last reimbursement.
    •  We will not accept receipts that are more than 30 days old when we receive them
    •  Receipts cannot be altered or have information redacted in any fashion
    •  Only one type of lead can be submitted each month.
    • Essential Care Insurance Agency must be the upline for all active Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Part D companies you are appointed to sell.

View our webinar on the Free Medicare Lead Program

The lead reimbursement money will be deposited directly into your account.

Download the Direct Deposit Form

Get Contracted with Essential Care Insurance Agency

The completed Essential Care contracting kit, free Medicare Lead Agreement and direct deposit form should be returned to

For more information, please contact our office at 347-971-3399 or send an email to

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