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We’d like to tell you a little bit about Essential Care.

We are confident that it will help you better understand the importance of health insurance and your essential role as an insurance agent.

Before becoming an insurance agent, Rustam Dashevskyy worked in a variety of industries. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Touro College, a life-changing event that affected a family member pushed him to pursue a career as a Medicare Insurance Agent. At the time of their arrival in the country, his elderly father did not have health coverage and, as a result, he died of a heart attack without receiving timely treatment.

This incident had a long-term impact on his career. Rustam began researching the insurance industry with the goal of educating as many elderly people as possible about the importance of health insurance. Rustam began assisting the elderly in obtaining proper health coverage after realizing that they should all be able to make more informed decisions about their health and well-being.

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It is important to note that Rustam’s journey to becoming a successful independent agent was lined with both opportunities and challenges. Only because of his dedication, patience, product knowledge and great people skills he became one of the most recognizable insurance agents in his community.

This was the impetus behind the establishment of the Essential Care Insurance Agency, which focuses on the development of highly qualified, motivated, and inspiring Medicare agents.

The Executive Director of Essential Care, Gulia Dashevskyy, has a Ph.D. from Rutgers University and has studied and taught extensively about public health issues. She is ecstatic about being able to help new independent Medicare agents become productive and satisfied with their career choice.

She uses her educational background to provide direction and training to ensure that all Medicare agents working with Essential Care have access to and use all the current health insurance industry knowledge and information in their Medicare sales careers.

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Our mission is to share knowledge and skills with agents so that they can become highly qualified insurance professionals capable of providing high-quality service to seniors.

We truly believe that with the benefits and sales tools we provide, every agent has a chance to become a top performer in this field.

Meet the Team

Rustam Dashevskyy

Rustam Dashevskyy

President and CEO

Gulia Dashevskyy

Gulia Dashevskyy, Ph.D

Executive Director