Medicare Sales at the Retail Stores

Many agents utilize retail sales as a consistent method for generating leads and business. During the AEP and OEP the retail sales are very productive, nevertheless they can give good business generating results throughout the year.


Some retail stores, like Walmart, cost money and are on a bidding process initiated by agents’ upline agencies. Other retail venues, such as Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens and a number of other retailers, can be worked by Medicare agents at no or low cost to them. Access to them is obtained through the Medicare carriers’ local broker managers.

The key with retail is keeping consistent hours at the locations and building relationships with the store manager and other people working there. Above all, commitment to the program and compliance will be prioritized.


Choosing a Store:

The first round of store selection will be for locations that were previously staffed. Not all stores from the previous year are granted. Each store can and should be worked on by more than one agent. However, there must be one lead agent who pays the fee and is in charge of managing and reporting on behalf of the store. Agent(s) must work 3 (three) days per week for a minimum of 20 (twenty) hours in the store/extra days and/or hours are recommended. Agent(s) fulfill requirements of 90% reporting, zero absences, no compliance issues.


Walmart Retail Initiative

There are more than 4600 stores to choose from. Our team can assist agents in locating a store.

Specifics of the program: It must be in the store. 20 hours per week / 3 days per week. Daily reporting and check-ins are required. By September 1st, Medicare product certification must be completed.


Aetna Retail Initiative

Aetna Retail locations include: CVS, ACME, FRYE’S, and more. Agents should pay $199 for the Agent’s Kit and can order the kit through Aetna Medicare Marketing Studio.

Please contact Essential Care for more information.