Online Medicare Enrollment

To boost productivity and overall sales, the Essential Care Insurance Agency provides agents with a robust Connect4Medicare online enrollment platform with customizable features. With online enrollment for the majority of Medicare carriers, agents can save time and avoid face-to-face encounters. Agents should sign up with Essential Care as their up-line, and we’ll send you a username and password to use to log into Connect4Medicare.

How it Works

  • Medicare insurance agent and prospect decide on the best plan to enroll in
  • Agent logs into online portal, selects determined plan
  • Agent can enroll the prospect through this online portal without wet signature
  • No face-to-face meeting is required
  • The scope of appointment can be completed online


  • The agent logs into an online portal, selects a determined plan, and emails a sharable link to the prospect.
  • Prospects can use the sharable link to input personal information and enroll on their own.
  • Upon submission, the enrollment is automatically sent to the carrier for processing.
  • The agent gets compensated for the enrollment, independent of whether he enrolled the prospect or  if the prospect self-enrolled using the link emailed by the agent.

Any application submitted through Connect4Medicare will have the agent’s personal broker code and list him as the AOR.

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Benefits of Partnering with Essential Care Insurance Agency

  • No commission reductions
  • Full street rate commission paid directly by carriers
  • Agent owns his book of business
  • Access to all major Medicare companies ensures you get the sales you pursue.
  • Essential Care Insurance Agency provides Free Sales Tools for our Agents
  • The Connect4Medicare online enrollment portal ensures that you make more sales faster, easier, and quicker.
  • A personalized agent website improves enrollment accuracy by allowing prospects to enter their own information.
  • By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, you will be able to devote more quality time to prospecting and growing your book.
  • Eliminate the need for face-to-face meetings.
  • A free quote and comparison website will give you and your prospects a more complete picture of the available options.

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