Free Licensing Program

The Essential Care Insurance Agency offers a Free Licensing Program with a reimbursement package for newly licensed agents. This reimbursement package is for new agents who have a state-issued health insurance license.

Many of the licensing processes include money obligations, which can total up to $500 if all of them are completed. The Essential Care Insurance Agency covers the entire cost of the pre-licensing course, state license exam, and state department of insurance licensing application fee for candidates.

    • The license reimbursement cannot exceed $500 per agent.
    • The program reimburses 100% of the costs of the pre-licensing course, state license exam, and state department of insurance licensing application.
    • Expense receipts must reflect the pre-licensing course, state exam, and state licensing application for the Accident and Health Insurance line only.
    • All receipts can be faxed to (845) 637-3335 or emailed to
    • You must have a contract with Essential Care Insurance Agency to be eligible for this program.
    • Release requests will not be honored until six (6) months after an agent’s last reimbursement.
    • We will not accept receipts that are more than 60 days old when we receive them.
    • Receipts cannot be altered or have information redacted in any fashion
    • You are only required to have all of your Medicare carriers with Essential Care Insurance Agency, if you want license reimbursement
    • Essential Care Insurance Agency must be the upline for all active Medicare companies. NO exceptions.

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Please keep in mind that some schools only offer a ‘combined’ Life and Health course.

An Accident and Health Insurance Agent pre-licensing course is all that is required for Medicare agents. Only expenses for the Accident and Health License will be reimbursed by Essential Care.

You can take a health insurance agent pre-licensing course at one of the following schools:

Agents can begin marketing Medicare plans after receiving their license, obtaining E & O insurance to apply for contracts with carriers through Essential Care, and completing their carrier certifications and AHIP.

E & O insurance is also available at a lower cost through the Essential Care Insurance Agency. For more information on low-cost E & O insurance, please contact us at

For qualified individuals, the Essential Care Insurance Agency will reimburse licensing fees. We’ll refund the money to the agent’s account via direct deposit. The money for the license fee reimbursement is distributed after the appointment milestone is completed successfully.

Completed Essential Care contracting kit, license reimbursement program agreement, and direct deposit form should be returned to

For more information, please contact our office at 347-971-3399 or send an email to

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