Business Plan for Medicare Agents

Target Market

Determine who your ideal clients are:  People who are approaching (T65) or have reached the age of 65. Parts A and B of Medicare will be or have already been obtained.

What are they eligible for? Examine all possible scenarios for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Part D eligibility.

Where do they live? If you and your client prefer more of in-person enrollment meetings, look for prospects in your area, considering the commute and meeting time for each person. For remote enrollments you can use telemarketing and Tele-Sales leads to target prospects across the country. Make sure you are prepared to get licensed and to research all of the Medicare products offered by national and local carriers in all of the states and counties you will target the market.

Sales Channels

Where will you look for leads? Select one or more of the following lead generation methods to reach prospects who are eligible for Medicare products: mailer, online, or tele sales lead vendors, retail booths, community center seminars, and relationships with local providers.


How will you reach your target market? What will you use to market to them and why?

You may use different ways to find leads in different target markets. Mailer leads are good for T65 prospects, while tele sale leads and setting up the retail booths work better during AEP and for selling Medicare Supplement plans. Long-term lead generation strategies include pinning seminar flyers in various locations throughout your town, hosting Facebook Ads, and placing your business cards in various provider receptions as well as grocery stores. Make your Medicare agent services visible.


How do you intend to encourage referrals? Creating a local network of professionals, such as financial planners and business owners. But, first and foremost, during your meetings and conversations, ask for referrals from your own clients. If you ask, they will refer you to a new Medicare eligible friend or relative 90% of the time.

Stand out from the competition.

How will you be different or better than your competitors? How will you distinguish yourself or outperform your competitors? Every day, 10,000 people reach the age of 65, making them eligible for Medicare plans, but there are also many agents entering the market to provide services to people. Spend time getting to know your clients and their needs, as well as educating them on the process.

What will set you apart? Your dedication to your job of assisting people in finding the best plan to meet their needs. Ask questions, listen to the prospects’ responses about their needs, bridge their knowledge gap, and assist them in selecting the most suitable. Your clients will be grateful for your help and support.


What products will you attempt to cross-sell to your customers? Are these products appropriate for your target market? Most health insurance agents can also sell life insurance because they are licensed as life and health insurance producers, allowing them to sell long-term care, term and universal life insurance, and disability insurance. Look for cross-selling opportunities.


What budget do you need right now to get started?  Consider basic startup requirements such as a website, business cards, pens, office rent (if you use office space), basic office supplies, and so on.

What are your monthly/yearly expenses for marketing supplies and licenses? Determine your monthly/yearly expenses. As an example: You’ll need $300 per year for E&O insurance, $200 for a website and business cards, $55 per month for office supplies, $350 for license renewals, and so on.


What might be standing in the way of your success? If you do not yet have relationships in the community, no network of financial advisors and providers for referrals, and no updated or sufficient business cards, flyers, website, or social media, your visibility as a Medicare agent will suffer.

What will you do about it? You should work hard to build these bridges for the steady stream of leads and build and grow your Medicare sales.


What are your goals over the next year?

Set short- and long-term goals. Make them specific and measurable

3 months: Eg: Sell 5 policies/ month, make relationships with 3 businesses

6 months: Eg: Sell 8 policies/ month, host 1 seminar

9 months: Eg: Sell 15 policies / months, host 2 seminars

12 months: Eg: Sell 15 policies/month, secure 2 relationships with providers for referrals

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