Medicare Seminar Selling Process

The seminar selling program works well when agents would like to present Medicare program and plans to the group that will turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare.

The seminar vendor will drive all attendance and make reservations. The venue and the meal are provided by the agent. You can contact Essential Care and we will be able to suggest a very knowledgeable company representative who can assist you with seminar selling.

The seminars’ primary focus is on prospects turning 65, abbreviated as T65.

Most of these prospects will turn 65 within the next three to four months. The average attendance per session is 40-60 people.

The seminars are educational activities, not sales ones. During seminars and other educational events, agents can provide meals or gift cards to participants. Make sure the meal does not exceed $15. The agent determines the venue and schedule of the seminar. Because many T65 prospects are still working, the vendor recommends holding two sessions, one in the morning or midday and one in the evening.

Without a meal or a gift card, agents only get about half of their seminar attendees. Nonetheless, as people seek information, agents should keep the maximum meal cost in mind. Pizza parlors and low-cost restaurants are the most common places where agents secure seminar locations. The vendor charges for one event but allows two events per day at different times.

However, it is also dependent on the agent’s geographical location. Some agents can increase attendance by using their own tools. Seminar vendors typically use mailers and Facebook to increase seminar attendance.

The agent can use the automatic registration system to register targeted prospects for the seminar. Some agents can use the information in the system to contact the prospect and inquire about dietary restrictions, confirm their attendance, and express their excitement to see them, among other things.

Agents can also view the list of people who registered but did not attend.

Agents can also invite people from their book of business who have life insurance or property and casualty insurance.

You can contact Essential Care and the PFS to see if you can use Facebook ads to drive more people to the seminars. The PFS will cover the costs, and the ads will be placed on a separate Facebook account (no cost to agent).

Suggestions for the event: a presentation by the agent.

You can contact Essential Care and we will send you the generic presentation. The agent can do the presentation on his own, but it is always helpful to have an assistant when it comes to the line of people with questions after the session. The assistant may or may not have a health insurance producer license, but he or she can still assist during the event.

Remember that following up with attendees and registered prospects is critical. These people will be 65 in a few months, and they should remember the agent and the services he offers a few months after the seminar. Maintain contact with the prospects!

The seminar selling vendor is available to run these seminars throughout the year and on a monthly basis. T65 and Dual eligible prospects seminars can be organized by vendors. However, not many do the Dual Plans seminars.

What outcomes should the agents anticipate from these seminars?

– Ranges determined by location – Ranges determined by the person conducting it and following up

When done correctly, the results from each T65 Medicare seminar range from 14 to 20+ enrollments.

To book both days of the Medicare seminars, the vendor charges an average of $2300. The meal costs around $600.

Our agency will pay half of the vendor cost on the first seminar and then after that agent can submit the receipt for the seminars to the lead program to bring down the cost.

Essential Care Insurance Agency also provides Free Programs and Sales Tools for our Agents

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