YourMedicareBot – Voice Enrollment

Agents who work with Essential Care have automatic access to the Your Medicare Bot voice enrollment system at no cost. Once an agent has been appointed and certified by a carrier, they can use the platform to access the voice signature. The YourMedicareBot currently offers three large, national carriers, with more to come.

 The Your Medicare Bot sales system provides Your Medicare Bot voice enrollment. This tool allows prospects to easily compare quotes and plans, as well as check doctors and drugs to determine which plan best meets their needs. Using the YourMedicareBot platform, Medicare agents and online shoppers can share plan information and close sales via tele-sales. It combines consumer direct sales with agent Tele-sales.

CRM Functions

This voice enrollment system includes a CRM platform. Agents can easily save and access information about their clients, such as doctors’ and medication lists. When saving client data and making a sale, the built-in CRM allows agents to sell through one system rather than multiple platforms. Furthermore, powerful decision support tools and a customer-facing design aid in the simplification of the sales process.

Tele-Sales Broker Portal

The YourMedicareBot platform includes a voice signature. This enables agents to enroll members in multiple carriers from a single system. This design allows for the efficient enrollment of clients into a plan without the need to send enrollment links via email or text. Integrated competitive intelligence assists agents in overcoming objections and closing more sales. Benefit information is enhanced for agents who specialize in dual Medicare Advantage sales. The improved information focuses on the benefits that dual prospects are interested in, such as dental, vision, OTC, and transportation.

Independent Tele-Sales agent

The advantages of switching from a captive to an independent Tele-sales agent are appealing. The ability to own the book of business and receive the maximum allowable CMS compensation for both new and renewal commissions can result in significant income increases. One of the challenges that agents who make this move face is adjusting to the new enrollment process. Until now, independents could only enroll in voice services using the carrier’s voice signature methods. Aetna, Humana, and UHC were the carriers available at the time of the rollout.

YourMedicareBot main features

The telephonic enrollment phone numbers will expire 1 hour after sent or until another
telephonic enrollment phone number is sent by the same agent, whichever comes first.

This helps to ensure that the agent will be available to take the call when the shopper calls the
number. If a link expires, the agent should reach back out to the shopper to determine the
best time to complete the enrollment and provide an updated enrollment telephone number
at that time.

All Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan carriers will be featured on the
YourMedicareBot tool; however, enrollment will only be made available for Humana, Aetna and Cigna at this time.

You will only be able to submit an enrollment for those carriers and states in which you are ready to sell in. Enrollments for additional carriers will be supported in Q1 of 2023

How to locate SNP and MA-Only plans?

There are SNP and non-SNP checkboxes on the MA/MAPD tab of the Plans page. You can
deselect “non-SNP” to view only “SNP” plans or deselect “SNP” if you wish to only view “non-SNP” plans.

Electronic SOAs are not included with the enrollment applications completed within the system. They will be accessible via the MyMedicareBot platform and can be retrieved and
downloaded if needed.

What is the email address that the client should look for when I send out an e-SOA link?
Emailed e-SOA links will come from

How long are the e-SOA links good for?

Electronic-SOA links do not expire, they are one time use only. Once the link is accessed and the e-SOA is completed, the link will no longer be accessible

Are non-commissionable plans displayed for quoting and enrollment?

Non-commissionable plans are suppressed from quoting/enrollment for those carriers that currently permit enrollment via the tool.

Completed enrollments on YourMedicareBot platform are transmitted to the carriers daily.

If you would like to have more information about how to access to YourMedicareBot, please send your inquiries to


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